Auto - Lidding Turbult - Heat Swing - Tray Oven (Oil or Gas Fired)


  1. In-built automatic lowering and lifting of lids.
  2. Uniform baking through heat turbulence.
  3. All swing-trays remain in heat zone.


  1. Oven chain can be hand-cranked in an emergency.
  2. It is fitted with a high-pressure disel-oil burner controlled automatically by a digital temperature controller.
  3. The tray’s movement is intermittent and controlled by a digital timer.
  4. Very Sturdy construction gives an unpredictable long life and can easily withstand round-the-clock work-duty.
  5. Easy and simple to maintain.
  6. No fatigue accrues to workers as the loading and unloading is done on one oven tray at a time.
  7. Liberally insulated all-around for maximum fuel-efficiency.
  8. Imparts solid top and bottom heat to loaves under baking which gives uniform results accross the length of the tray.
  9. Flue gas does not contact food product being baked.
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